Funny DumpaDay Original Pictures – 28 Pics

I made a salad

Doctor Who

I'm starting to think my dog isn't the smartest puppy on the planet

oh hey you're home early funny optical illusion

careful, theres some wind there

proof that redneck girls have more fun


Dog hiding under bed

How to tell everyone you're pregnant

I really need to cut back on those pudding cups

Oh My Gosh, MOM, Call MTV

Patience and wisdom, this dog has em'

Picture of dog using toilet

Ugly dog

what do you mean that wasn't cake

who says bromance is dead

why can't I come, you said it was girls night out

Why does Monday have to happen every week

why does the little one taunt me

the only way to ask a girl to the prom

elf on the shelf, the college years

i had way to much boob last night, said no man ever

I might have overslept a bit

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

police officer will always be there for his fellow officer to take a picture when he falls

So I was driving to work today

when I was a kid I thought I wanted to grow up

oh hey you're home early batman