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a sanity isn't my strong point

I can show you the world

banana porn

a it's because I'm black isn't it

Cyanide and happiness

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free hugs

funny dog running

funny short people on big bang theory

han solo giving chewie a bath

I don't always fart in public but when I do I lean like this

in soviet russia

meanwhile in funny pictures

mommy funny kids

over protective girlfriend

retail funny pictures

shopping fixes everything

smelly smell that I smell

some men just want to watch the class learn

the netflix team sent a letter to some guy who watched a lot of episodes at once

a I'm batman

a it really exists funny addresses

a jennifer lawrence favorite book wink

a just smile and wave boys, smile and wave

a making your husband do something for the kids funny quotes

a merica

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a my wife had said she's be ready in 5 minutes