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lost my earphones

lost my phone

love fades away

LSD funny

maccoroni and cheese time


made it to adulthood


making things up

male blindness

man comes out of bunker after y2k scare

man loves his dog

man shot while doing the dishes

man went to jail

man's day vs woman's day

marriage is hard

marvel movies

math problems

math teacher is having women issues

mean moms funny

meanwhile at work

meanwhile in

melted snowman

men are like coke

men had periods


miley cyrus's dad

miss my wife

modern art

mom funny

moms are like

money and women

morning person

most terrifying moment of my childhood

mother nature


moved from India to the United States

multi tasking

murder mystery books

my axe told me to do it

my brain

my dream job

my life so far

my two dads

my weiner does tricks

nailed it (2)

needs to be said

never be this cool

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