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While I’m aware that Dumpaday is by no means one of the top picture websites out there, we do have a lot of fun running it. We’d like to take a moment and thank a few people who have really helped or influenced us on our two year journey. My brother Daven, who talked me into running websites for a living. He runs several websites himself, most notably though, is his site, Next I’d like to thank my long time internet friend (even though I’ve never met him) Steven. His website was a big influence on how I wanted to run Dumpaday. I’d also like to thank my wife, ( who runs ) She is the one who has to put up with my obsession with pictures from around the internet.   Lastly, I’d like to thank all of you. All 19,948,392 visitors who have looked at over 28,000,000 pages here on Dumpaday in our first two years.

We have big plans for Dumpaday over the next year. Most notably would be we will start posting 6 to 10 picture dumps a day beginning in October. Instead of the 2 to 4 picture dumps we have been posting. Feel free to send us an email, let us know how we’re doing, what you’d like to see more of, what you’d like to see less of. Thank you again for two great years!