Top 20 Reasons Kids Suck

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1 kid is stuck in toilet, do not have kids

2 kid walks in on you having a good time, funny kids

3 kids are mean, cats

4 kids make a mess, sugar all over the lving room

5 you show me yours, i will show you mine, fun kids games

6 do not have kids, they have no idea what they are doing

7 do not have kids, they touch everything

8 do not have kids, they are selfish

9 do not have kids, food mess

10 do not have kids, they are mosters

11 do not have kids, you will never sleep again

12 kid blows snot bubble, funny kids

13 funny kids, superman costume

14 dumb kids, funny meme

15 kids screaming, makes parents crazy, funny pictures

do not have kids, two kids

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