35 Amazing Uses For Old Pallets

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  • These are awesome! Can someone please help me with ideas for scrap PT wood??

  • Willy Brown Balls

    We use old pallets for housing young calves at our shed. There’s no way you will see one of them smelly rotten slippery bug infested things in my house, eww!

  • I’m going to be honest here, most of these things look disgusting. Yeah they might save money and are recycled but be real would you want that in your house? Good ideas i guess but certainly not pleasing to look at.

  • It might be good to keep in mind that the pallets are treated with nasty chemicals.

  • I like the outdoor decking and some of the wine bar features but not keen on the rest. great ideas, especially when it comes to encouraging recycling but aesthetically for me it just doesn’t work.

  • For me I would have to use new pallets and not old or used. But, that is just me. Some good uses though. Enough said.

  • Some great ideas.
    But where did they find a pot big enough to boil those nasty things in?
    A headboard!? A child’s bed!? No way. Old pallets are truly disgusting.
    A new pallet made to look old would be ok in the house, an old pallet?

  • Awesome ideas. gave me several more. Hopefully you live somewhere similar to us, where pallets are untreated and rarely used more than once. Some so new here, they have to be “aged”. Good job.

  • LOVED all the amazing ideas – now going pallett-hunting!

  • julie rohloff

    Makes me wish I had a big stack of pallets! Great ideas!

  • With bed bug infestations on the rise, I’m not sure that many of these suggestions are wise. Aesthetically, I love the look and many of the ideas are truly clever. However, this could inadvertently expose your home to an unwanted infestation.

  • This may not be so amazing, but I find them old pallets make excellent firewood.

  • Same here, I always thought that they were only good for firewood. I love how you recycled these into something great but they lack a bit in the aesthetics department.

  • I love these!! They are a couple I don’t care for but the rest are awesome!!

  • Why’s everyone ragging on the aesthetics of it? It’s green factor, especially in areas where pallets seem to be a single use affair (as mentioned by a previous comment) far outweighs any potential “aesthetic” issue.

    Let me guess, its not clean magnolia and wishy washy pastel shades, like the interior design magazines tell you are ‘trendy’ and ‘in’?

  • This site is the best I’ve seen, what to dowith a pallet, I love it. Thanks

  • I actually really love the “theater seating” pallets with big cushions. Such a great idea for a kid/teenage room where kids can hang out and watch movies/play games. Really awesome idea.

  • Pallets. From Ikea.

  • these are disgusting, my family has been reusing old pallets for firewood for decades. I would never have those near my house

  • You are reAlly creative!!! Congratulations!!!! You gave mE a lot of ideas not only with the controversial pallets, but with boxes, wood, etc!!

  • Love these ideas, thanks! One not mentioned that i have done my self is turning a wood pallet into an out side patio table with built in garden or wine cooler. I have pictures on my website under projects. Then you dont have to worry about bringing pests into your home.


  • My god i wish i was this clever some of these things are just amazingggggggggggggg, i just love them all!!!! thanks or sharing your idea’s……

  • Yeah…cause I just have so many damn pallets laying around.

  • I see some nice ideas, but I’m pretty sure a raw, unfinished wood (dirty old wood at that)is not what I would choose to make my child’s bed out of. =\

  • Great designs. Spiders love them too. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • ***ANYONE*** wanting to do this, PLEASE take care your pallets have not been treated with chemicals (for example fungizides) – many, many have been! You could acquire some serious health problems, up to and including poisoning from agressive wood preservation agents, which can cause miscarriages, harm unborn fetuses, and cause respirative problems in adults (not kidding) – these things are not meant for inside use, so a lot more chemicals can be legally used on them in many countries! I wouldn’t EVER let my child sleep in those things!!! Only use them when you’re really well informed about their origin, what they’ve been used for, and what they’ve been treated with before use!

  • Where the hell are all these pallets “unused” coming from? Companies don’t toss them out, these things are built sturdy so that they can be repeatedly reused.

  • WalMart puts wood pallets in a pile for anyone to take…hoiwever, their plastic ones are recycled back to the ecompanies…so ask inside and they will show you where you can get the wood ones for free

  • Cool ideas. And if you would look on pallets for HT you will get pallets that are treated with HEAT, not CHEMICALS as you would pallets stamped with CT which is CHEMICALS!!

  • I love the pallet upcycles! I make and sell things from free pallets. It’s a hit because rustic is so popular right now. There are so many pallets that are just thrown out. Why not make something from them?! I can’t believe how horrid some of you are. It’s perfectly good (free) wood. Did I mention that they’re free and they get thrown away? :D Oh, but of course we wash them off and spray them with an insecticide before we bring them in the house. And you all are going to shame me, but there are even some pallet things in my toddler’s room. She loves them!

  • I really don’t get the meaness happening here. Someone showed us some great ideas for repurposing something. We can take it or leave it. Cleaning them isn’t that tough. Rustic furniture is all the rage. Where do you think the cool rustic pieces you buy at antique shows and craft fairs come from? Don’t you know half the rustic furniture called “Barn wood” is from pallets? As for chemicals, most of the plywood you buy at Home Depot has been chemically treated. Plus, you can also paint or stain these pallets after cleaning them, sealing out whatever “scary things” you think are lurking in them. And as for spiders wanting to infest your newly created pieces . . . not anymore than they want to infest your expensive pottery barn pieces. Can’t you just be nice, see it as someone offering creative ideas and move on? Goodness, some of you are mean!

  • I LOVE all of this, actually. I am so disappointed with the nasty, as well as uninformed comments.
    I may not be informed enough myself, but I am wondering where a bed bug would hide in any piece of wood. What kind of bug is small enough to hide in the grain and infest your home? Bedbugs are visible. Termites are visible. Are we talking about some bacteria? Clean it well with soap and water. Sand it. It’s all good. It’s amazing to me how so many people get hidden behind a computer, feeling safe enough, and hatred just spews…. Speaking of hidden, invasive bugs.

  • These are all awesome ideas! Thank you for posting. And as far as all the negative post, I’m truly shocked by some peoples nastiness!

  • I love the contrast between modern and rustic i would love to have any of those so beautiful and great way to recycle u guys stop being so negative about it.

  • Thanks ! i throw out twenty pallets every day, now i can put it to a good use.

  • Haters gonna hate, but no matter….pallets are a hot commodity right now, and the rustic/industrial look is in. These ideas are amazing, and need to be taken in the spirit they were intended. This site is just giving you ideas for pallets, not forcing you to use them. Go buy chemically treated stock lumber at crazy stupid prices.

  • Im a full timer living in my big fifth wheeler on a beautiful fenced lot. I’ve built a LARGE porch completely out of pallets. All free. I painted the porch green and turquoise and purple. There are steps on both sides of the porch leading to front and back yard. It’s great and i get compliments all the time as I sit outside rocking and watching the neighborhood.

  • These are great ideas….To many people worried about what harm or “nasties” would come from them.It’s called cleaning.Another thing pallets are not treated with nasty harmful chemicals. 99% of all pallets are simply made from un sellable wood from lumber mills/yards. If you’re worried about bugs or mold just treat them with distilled vinegar that will kill all mold and get rid of unwanted bugs. I’m currently reflooring a room with old pallet boards.Looks like a really rustic hardwood floor. I just cut them to different sizes sand, stain, and varnish.

  • Love these ideas. I have taken apart my fence to use as my porch ceiling. I’ve been collecting pallets for months, that are stood up in my back yard, letting rain and sun rinse and color them. Haven’t decided what I’m going to make, but am leaning towards a wall and a platform day bed so far. The shades of aging are beautiful. I’m sealing them with a product that does NOT prevent graying, but will protect them from unwanted moisture and stains in my home. Thanks for your great ideas!
    Oh – many older pallets, if you can find them, are made out of all kinds of wood: pine, (ages beautifully) oak, maple, I even have an old chestnut pallet.
    Don’t waste time if you don’t want these materials in your home, “turn the channel”. Leave space for those of us who admire all this creativity!

  • John…..really using as flooring…pls post that pix. That sounds fabulous….I love the ideas on this site and others…great idea. Thank you all!

  • I’m making my whole house interior with pallets I have already made a coffee table free and sooo awsome to look at Love pallets

  • What’s up with all the negativities? Someone shared good ideas and you’re bashing the person? Come on, life is too short. If you don’t like it keep your stupid comments to yourself.

  • hmm…im sure these people are making sure that the pallets go into their house ‘yuck’ free. if someones going to take the time to build something for their child i cant imagine they are going to let them near it if its harmful let alone sleep in ‘filth’..those of you trashing the pallet ideas need to take your negative selves back to the ethan allen gallery and let the rest of us create in a plethora of positive vibes! its a style, ‘rustic’ i guess you can call it…if you dont like it then go to a page thats more your ‘style’…..go step on a lego!!

  • Love the bike holder,
    will make one in my factory. :D

    Anyway, here’s a little infographic about pallets.


  • wood chips ,pls ,these are really ugly , — unless…. u cover them with nice fabric, –and not Orange fabric , yikes , :) talk to your designer friends before making a vest with old beer can snaps , nay ,nay nay as john Pinette would say, :))

  • the desk ,yes has possibilities, put pine or spruce, ( cheaper), real boards over the base, u have a nice table, easy for anyone to make , oil or clear varathane , now ur talking …

  • Brought back memories…made some things from pallets years ago…as long as you clean them and maybe use coating or paint, they are not disgusting…

  • Beautiful work. Rock on artsy geniuses. I’m not at all creative, but I WILL be attempting to do the wine rack and planter. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Most of these seem like acts of desperation. Not unlike lipstick on a pig–and I think pigs are great.

  • The chandelier would make a nice pot rack.

  • I can’t believe all the snooty, snotty people spouting off! If you’re a paranoid germaphobe, go buy it. Let people be. I LOVE this stuff and have a special pinboard for pallet project and can’t wait to start! What do these people think other lumber comes from. It’s from trees. In the woods. With animals, bugs, weather, animal poop, perhaps a random woods walking persons’s poop! lol. Besides, that’s why we’ve been given an immune system and elbow grease to clean. People have been surviving for centuries living and sleeping in and on far seedier things than a possibly dirty board for goodness sakes. Dirt, clay, hay, grass, moss, barns, haylofts, and so on. How bout ya get a little creative, a little more open minded, put down your pottery barn catalog and your giant ikea bag, step away from the hand sanatizer, and chill out. Besides I’ve seen how some people live and the animals by instinct are Cleaner! lol…really get over yourselves. If you don’t like it the internet is HUGE, go away and zip it!

  • If I were a redneck… This is the most ghetto Trailer trash stuff I have ever seen! I can see children building a fort out of it and I like the Garden planter idea ( It would not work for me however as the ground termites in Hawaii would devour it in no time) The only real re-purpose for pallets that I can see that would make sense is to disassemble the pallets and turn them into chicken coops or dog houses. Building chicken coops could actually be profitable and good looking if some paint is applied. Putting pallets in your home as furnishings is ugly, retarded and shows a lack of initiative or imagination. Take them apart and use the wood to build something of good design; put some effort and thought into it!

  • I believe your use of pallets is well meant, and I think some of these uses are actually very creative. I was about to use them to make a compost bin, but was told to watch out for the chemicals some companies use on them, and the insects that travel with the pallets. I did some research, and I think there is legitimate cause for worry. I did not use the pallets in the end. Just be weary about what you may be bringing in your home/garden. Do some research to see if there is a way to neutralize any chemicals or kill the critters.

  • Very creative! Loved them. As for the haters, not everyone has an appreciation for a trending look.

  • I love these and I liked the fact that you posted things that could be done with very little work. Of course bigger and better things can be made from pallets, but these really showcase the pallet in it’s most humble state. Good post.

  • Great, creative ideas that helped me think outside the box. I love to look at how other people use different materials as it often sparks an idea that I can tweek and use myself. Fun Post!

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