Building A 10 Person Dining Room Table Is Our Project Of The Week – 8 Pics

So as a lot of you know, we’ve been doing one project a week for the last several weeks, and this week was no different. We enjoy entertaining family and friends, but we’ve never had enough seating around a single table. So we decided to build a 10 person dining room table. We wanted something simple to build, yet rustic looking. Alright, lets get started.

We started by building the legs out of 2 x 4’s. As you can see, it looks fancy, but in reality it’s just 2 x 4’s glued and screwed together.

Next we cut the rounded edges off seven 2 x 6’s and then glued them up. Once it was dry, we spent about an hour sanding it smooth with the belt sander.

Next we built some extensions for each end to add some length to the table.

Then we took it apart and started staining it. Nothing fancy, just a simply dark stain that we would later scuff up and then add some clear polyurethane to make it seem a bit rustic.

Once it was dry, we brought it back into the dining room and put it together. Once the table was done we went out and bought some colorful chairs to finish the job.

We’ve already had 10 people around this bad boy, and I have to be honest, while we loved it, it was a little tight. It’s very comfortable as an 8 person dining room table, but if needed, we can fit 10. Thanks for checking out our project this week. We hope you come back to check out what we do next week.