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Dump A Day Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 42 Pics

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 42 Pics

Jon May 12, 2013 0
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a Genius Ideas- clean off your knife without the risk of cutting yourself

a Genius Ideas- Customizable Bandaids

a Touch Screen Kitchen Countertops

a Genius Ideas -Solar Rings to heat pool instead of running up gas bill

a Genius Ideas- strainer pan lid

Genius Ideas -Camping backpack becomes a tent for the camper

a This dispenses milk so that kids can get their own without spills

a Genius Ideas- enjoy a cup of coffee and your favorite sites with the web cup

Genius Ideas- Back Seat Dog Bridge

Genius Ideas- collapsible bike

Genius Ideas- coffee holder

Genius Ideas- collapsible wagon

Genius Ideas- cookie keeper  keep your edibles incredible

Genius Ideas- cooking apron simple cheat sheet

Genius Ideas- corn on the cob holders

Genius Ideas- Corner Cutting Board

Genius Ideas- Cupcake corer

Genius Ideas- date stapler

Genius Ideas- deck chair with wine glass holder

Genius Ideas- desk planter

Genius Ideas- docking station back pack

Genius Ideas- faucet extender for kids

Genius Ideas- Fold-Out Ottoman Bed

Genius Ideas- Garlic Rocker crushes garlic without squeezing

Genius Ideas- Keep your crackers crispy

Genius Ideas- knife drawer

Genius Ideas- laptop bed desk

Genius Ideas- lighted tweezers

Genius Ideas- Make three kinds of lasagna at once

Genius Ideas- modern folding chairs

Genius Ideas- Modern Log Holder

Genius Ideas- Pads Stop washer and dryer from shaking and walking

Genius Ideas- screw on heel kit

Genius Ideas- stick re-heats drinks

taco holder plate

the glide toaster

The iPhone Seat Buddy

turn an old fridge into a gun safe, just add a lock

unzip to go from shoe to flip flops

Wearable Mouse Now Available For Ultra Casual Browsing

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