Wanna Ride The New Batwings Hoverboard From AlienBoard

Occasionally, we here at DumpaDay get asked to test out the latest and greatest in products and do a review on them.  Rarely do we actually decide to test and review a product.   But we couldn’t pass up a chance to play around on a Hoverboard!
We were contacted roughly a month ago by Alienboard, to see if we’d be interested in testing out their Batwing Hoverbaord.  Of course we had to jump on it.   The Hoverboards come in 5 colors, matte purple, camo blue, pink, white and black.  We chose the Camo blue one and before you know it, it was at our door.

The first thing I noticed was the weight.  This guy is a very sturdy 29 pounds.  While we’re on specs, let me tell you a few more before I get into how the hoverboard handles.  This thing has blue LED lights, an amazing blue tooth speaker, 6.5 inch wheels and can reach speeds of 7.5 mph!  As I mentioned before, the hoverboard is sturdy!  It can carry a person weighing up to 264 pounds!

I know there have been some safety concerns with some other hoverboards in the news, however all Alienboard hoverboards have the UL 2272 safety certification.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the best safety standard in the country! The hoverboard runs on a Samsung LG cell battery.   Which means it only takes a couple of hours to fully charge up and you can ride it a range of 9 to 12 miles!
So how much do one of these cost you ask?  They are normally $509, however Alienboard is having a HUGE fall sale where you can get one for only $298!  Now that’s a cheap hoverboard!  And if you use the coupon code DUMPADAY you’ll save another $20 dollars!  Click here to check out their hoverboard shop.

O.k. so now that you know what this thing can do and how much it costs, let me tell you what we did with it. After taking it out of the box, we turned it on with the hopes it came charged.  It was charged!  Of course we didn’t read any instructions at first, we just jumped on.  To be honest, after falling off of it a couple of times, we decided to give the instructions a try.  The biggest thing I can recommend to anyone trying one of these for the first time, is to have faith.  Have faith that the hoverboard will balance you.   Don’t step on this thing with shaky legs.  Confidently put your dominant foot on it first, and then step the other foot up and trust the hoverboard.

Let me get a little personal here.   I’m a 43 year old guy, who is above average height and weight.  I’ve seen kids wizzing up and down the streets on these things and they make it look so easy.   Now here I am trying a hoverboard out for myself and it’s not as easy as I thought it was going to be.  After about 30 minutes of practicing though, I was doing alright.   I could get on, ride around, turn and even get off of it without incident.   However, I wasn’t as good as I’ve seen the kids in our neighborhood.  So I called a friend of mine, Jake.   Jake is what I’d call a hoverboard expert.   Oh, and he’s 12.

I brought my hoverboard over and of course Jake jumped on it and started spinning and riding it all around like he’d been doing it for years.  At this moment I realized I was in fact old.  Jake has a hoverboard, however he right away mentioned how much faster the Alienboard was and how much more sensitive it was than his old one and how much lighter it was than his old one.   One thing he was pumped to try out though was the blutooth.  His old board didn’t have that.   He pulled out his phone and before I knew it, he was riding around listening to his tunes.   I was really surprised at how loud the speaker on the hoverboard could get.

We wanted to see how it handled outside, not just on the pavement, but in the grass, over uneven ground and up and down hills.

After watching him ride around awhile, I had to see if it was as easy as he was making it look.   So I jumped on and to my surprise I was riding up and down his driveway.   I will say it was a lot easier to ride outside than it was inside.  (of course Jake made it look easy inside and out)  But for me, outside where I wasn’t having to dodge tables or chairs or desks was a lot easier.

With the Holidays coming up, if you’re considering buying your kids, or even yourself one of these, go to Alienboards.com now before their Fall Sale ends.   Like I said before they are normally $509 dollars, but right now you can get them for only $298!  And if you use the coupon code DUMPADAY, you’ll get an additonal $20 bucks off that!