40 Amazing Albino Animals Pictures

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  • Nature makes mistakes, too. All these albinos are easily seen and preyed upon by natural enemies.

  • Why no humans?

  • Except for the deer who live in snow year ’round.

  • The Dolphin is not albino…it is a pink river dolphin.

  • those dolphins aren’t albinos. they’re Amazon river dolphins, many of them are colored pink.

  • those dolphins are albino, the white skin + blood makes their skin LOOK pink

  • Hi. I just noticed that this page doesn’t display correctly in my browser. Oh well, I think I’ll just used the tried and tested Internet Explorer. Greetings from Plymouth.

  • quite a lot of these animals aren’t true albinos. As evidenced by the fact that several of them have bright blue eyes rather than pink. They have a lack of pigment in the skin but aren’t true albino

  • Actually having bright blue eyes is part of the definition of being a partial albino. The lack of pigmentation plus the way the light is reflected in the iris causes the blue color….there are 2 types of albinos–partial and pure. Pure albinos have the pink eyes.

  • Those dolphins arnt actually botos, theyre most likely atlantic dolphins, and one happens to be albino. The dorsal fin looks nothing like an amazon river dolphin.

  • i love the two monkeys

  • seen as many as 6 albino baby dolphins at a time, swimming with them few years back in a bay on the Big Island (Hawaii). I wonder what Nature is trying to tell us? blank canvass???

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