• That taco must be from the big as your ass place above!

  • Fat americans doing what they do best..

  • it should go without saying that not all americans are fat, just like it should go without saying that the rest of the world isn’t as ignorant as ^Everyman

  • Well, Everyman is right; We Americans are fat. To take offense to that is, to put it mildly, a case of denial. We are not alone, however. The rest of the developed world, and whomever has an abundant food source, will also have its share of fatties. Sure, his remark is a stereotype, but he is also a troll.

    Seen some of these pics before, but still funny.

  • I think Russia or England would take the cake on the fatties over America, maybe even Germany, too.

  • i like to weigh as little as possible just to lower the average weight here in america.

  • I liked the house with the teeth… the pictures of food just made me hungry!

  • Its funny though, in america people who are poor usually are fatter because they eat fast food and rich people are slimmer because they can afford healthier and better tasting food.

  • The nachos as big as your ass sign is in costa rica and its a total lie. the nachos are the size of one cheek at the most.

  • Sounds like someone’s a little jealous of that big fat American pizza taco to me!

  • Americans are fat because they have no self control while eating the shit they offer there and they’re so full of themselves saying they’re not fat because they are.

  • you’re wrong, mrsleep. about Russia. Yes, I bet there are fat people in Russia, but it’s not a majority. At least the percentage isn’t as high.

  • @smile

    Uh, alot of fast food tastes pretty effin’ good..do you really think millions of people around the world would eat it if it didn’t?.. you must be going to the wrong places.

    It’s actually cheaper to eat healthy than fast food, not going to be gourmet, but healthy… it can be way cheaper if you know what to buy and how to cook. but it’s probably not going to taste as good as a double double or your fillet Mignon.

  • america has got the largest percentage of overweight people, however all countries have them, and theyre are plenty of funnier stereotypes tbh

  • @ john smith

    In fact Australia has more fatties than the US now… but then Americans are fat AND ignorant.

  • Anyone who says an entire nation is ignorant is obviously a moron themselves and shouldn’t say anything to begin with. Aside from the fact that obesity is a worldwide problem now, and that moronic people online still refer to all Americans as fat and ignorant makes me chuckle a little.

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