Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (35 Pics)

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  • the first one is the most practical one.

  • are any of these actually sold in stores somewhere?!

  • Where did you find the bedside baby crib? Who made it?

  • Anyone know where I could find any of these?

  • more like dollar store rejects that couldn’t sell. this is about the 5th site running the same tired items as if they were clever

  • 5th time, erapo? That’s a bit low. You hit Stumble enough times and you’re guaranteed to see this same crap twice a day. They’re missing the glass toaster, the gyro-bowl for toddlers, and the bath plug with the little hand on it..

  • Right, and where can we buy these things? Some of them are clever!

  • I own the cupcake corer-and it is brilliant! I sell cupcakes and the corer makes filling cupcakes SO much easier!

  • @Kate, Really? That’s almost the worst, aside from the handheld toaster. I mean, is filling cupcakes a thing that happens much anyway?

  • What a load on consumate rubbish!

  • Where can i buy these products!?

  • I think the metal detector shoes would be TERRIBLE. electrocution.

  • First world solutions in action.

  • woooooow, I expect to see most of these on cheesy infomercials…

  • yea this stuff is both useful and just…well… okay just plain stupid

  • i still LOVE this stuff! i tots want to buy it

  • i tots agree with maya. i love this stuff but at the same time some of the products are stupid

  • they really need those little cribs at hospitals. i was accidentally dropped on my head when i was born, because my mom fell asleep with me in her arms. fyi no damage

  • They already have those umbrellas, except the whole thing’s transparent.

  • How about ‘no’? Some of those are absolutely retarded, others are just time-wasters. I’m not going to actively toast a piece of bread with a heated knife, that would take time I’d rather be doing other things like getting a cup of coffee. I’ll just put bread in a toaster and butter it after the toaster is done toasting it.

  • Oh man, these are so awesome! I love the beer/shot glass, magnetic hangers and chopsticks. Thanks for sharing, stumbled…

  • The first one takes the cake for being the most retarded….cause you know, they totally never invented bag clips, which do the exact same thing. More like 35 simple ideas that are borderline retarded….except the first one and the bike and the toaster and the umbrella….those went full retard. The chair and the salt shaker are the only ones even remotely not retarded (not genius), and that’s just because they are cool. Oh, did I say these ideas are retarded? Ok. I’m done.

  • search the beaches with you new flip flop metal detector…until you get sand in the usb socket

  • the stability of that bedside baby crib is questionable. looks very unsafe


  • If you really need products like these to solve some of your “problems”, you should reevaluate whether or not your perceived problems are – in fact – just minor inconveniences. These are typical First-World-problem solving products; the vast majority is useless, impractical, overdesigned (take a look at the first one; use a damn bag clip, for crying out loud!), or downright stupid (the winner: the flip-flop metal detector). This is the same kind of crap you find on Yanko Design; people who think this stuff is clever or (even worse) borderline genius are mentally challenged.

  • @nameisnotrequiredstopaskingforit

    i value your comment but i only agree partly…

    there’s 35 of these ‘ideas’ and a lot of them make life simple – progression is through innovation and that’s what makes us unique as a species… we are constantly shaping things around us to be more convenient

    design, especially product design, is highly appreciated in the east, moreso than in the west, and i like that and i think the west should focus on design too

  • I know there are some haters, but that cutting board with the funnel kinda thing at the end would be something I would buy in a store.

  • the last one is sold in stores… i have one.

  • the cutting board, measuring spoon, the baby rocker/chair, and the the baby bedside thing are fantastic ideas. anyone who has kids would love alot of them.
    sure we can yell unnecessary…on our computers, while checking stumble upon online. each of these things has, in the past, been called far worse than unnecessary.
    If you really don’t want to buy a corn shaver, then don’t. live your life corn shaver free.
    and if you want people to not waste money on silly western frivolities while african babies are starving, go to africa and help some babies. get off stumble, go help some babies. seriously. no one will fault you for it.

    meanwhile, imma gonna go shave some corn.

  • Seriously. people shouldn’t make comments until they have tried to design something themselves. I went to school for design and you have no idea how hard it is to develop a useable product. Yes some of these products are flawed but they are mostly ideas and aren’t products because they are in the development stages. If you want to comment negatively take some time and try to design a useable, problem free, original, attractive product and see how far you get.

  • the metal detecting flip flops would make someone look like they were on a day release from the prison.

  • the spaghetti one is brilliant!! I always make too much

  • Cycle looks lovely but is it really useable for children?. I love folding chair. Thanks Stumble.

  • Sites like this annoy me. Show you pictures of things and not telling you where to get/find.

  • Are all of these real? I would buy almost every one!

  • Forget borderline, these are genius.
    When will they be commercially available?

  • I know some of these are sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. Like the edge of pot pourer, the clip on pan utensil holder and a few others. They might even have the chip lid.

  • Some of this stuff is less efficient. For example, you wouldn’t be able to see through the plastic in the umbrella during rain. Sand would get into the port for the sandal metal detectors. Half of this stuff is unnecessary like the taco holder, the key hanger/pencil holder, the on switch peper shaker ect. Some of this stuff was already invented like the portable chair, melon cutter ect. The only things worth getting are the portable bike, the spaghetti measurer, the glass with shot glass on it, and maybe the pot pourer if you are really bad at pouring pots

  • you idiots crack me up. half of you love the shit and the other half are pissing and moaning about them. if the shit pisses you off that much, go to another fucking website you ignorant titty babies. just because you don’t like something doesn’t give you a right to call it “retarded”. Granted, some of the ideas are pointless, but that point is moot. You pessimistic fucks still come off looking dumb. p.s. thanks for entertaining me for a while.

  • Hey Kev, do you know what is retarded? Your comment. Getting upset and angry at the internet if fail hard lesson number one because no body really gives a shit what anyone else has to say, especially when you do it in a passive aggressive manor. This designs are just like your comment, retarded, if you don’t like what people people post, don’t fucking read it you pleb.

  • I give a shit about what kev says.

  • Uhh people. These are ALL real inventions. LMFAO!

  • I want one of those spaghetti measuring devices. Not to measure spaghetti, but to see how many people my dick will feed.

  • it’s very creative …

  • Where can I buy this things?

  • LMAO at the metal detector sandals, looks like your on probation.

    the bike would have been cool, if it wasn’t painted like a garden hose.

    the Beer/shot glass is awesome. i can see bars/clubs having them.

    french fry holder? probably going to be banned from cars like electronic devices

  • Great things, i loved the wall switch idea.
    thank you

  • its OK to not like things, its OK but don’t be a dick about it

  • A lot of this stuff is pretty cool!

  • I think this stuff was very funny

  • super cool-i have the melon slicer great!

  • Yes, it’s pretty cool, but I’d like to know where I could get some of it.

  • If i’m honest, all I want to do is stick my dick in to the spaghetti measurer and see how many people it could feed.

  • Oh wow almost all of these are great. Where can I buy them??!?

  • Steve !~ your funny …..

  • I want to buy some of this stuff…where can I find them :)

  • I want the toaster

  • Some great ideas, but also some pointless ones like magnetic hangers!!?!

  • Portable toaster awhaha incredible :D

  • very creative designs. metal detector flip flops .. just tool funny

  • Could you tell me where I could find that bassinet that attaches to the bed? I think it is amazing and would love to know where I could purchase it.

  • Some of those were actually quite convinient!

    Nothing new about the messenger bag chair though:

    Ice fishers use these rucks a lot.

  • i read that the cosleeper was in a design competition but never made it to production. boo.

  • love these inventions!!!

  • Yep, because putting anything plastic on a pan that gets hot is a really good idea

  • I totally invented the wall outlet with a built in extension chord in like 2000 but didn’t know how to go about getting a patent since I was only 8.

  • Did anyone else look at the first two bike pictures(not seeing the third) Thinking WTF does help? lol

  • @ Tim :
    The rolled up poweroutlet cord is actualy a very bad idea, the cord could catch fire this way.

  • Hey Mike, I guess you don’t know this, but a lot of kitchen utensils like spatula’s and flippers are plastic. The plastic they use doesn’t melt easily. Even the handles on pots and pans are plastic.
    I think these ideas are brilliant, and I would LOVE to buy some of them!

  • I sometimes see these kind of ideas and kick myself that I never thought of them. They do say that for every great idea there is another 10 waiting to be discovered ;-)

  • The shot glass at the bottom of the beer glass is a pretty bad idea IMO. The lip of the shot glass is going be sitting on the tabletop (Or worse the bartop) when you are drinking beer. That thing is gonna get pretty skeezy sooner or later.

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