Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (40 Pics)

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  • Wow, all these inventions are PURE genius

  • Links to buy???

  • The swimsuit seems like the dumbest possible thing. “I want clothes that make a bunch of electricity, and then I’ll jump in the water wearing them!” Congrats, here’s your Darwin Award.

  • Seriously, you’re going to traumatize a child by strapping them to the toilet?

  • I don’t understand the toilet seat torture device.

  • I think its for special needs kids

  • I don’t think I’d want a collapsible bike. I ride my bikes pretty hard, I don’t want it folding up on me at 20MPH.

  • A lot of them are common sense concepts. But then again, they are genius. The backpack bike is the coolest one I think. And the skate board stroller is pimp! I don’t have a baby, but what a way to pick up chicks!

  • I’m pretty sure the toilet seat is for physically disabled children. Whom otherwise wouldn’t be able to sit up, support, or use the toilet by themselves. TA DAA.

  • These are some very interesting inventions. Some of them might be borderline genius but some are quite quirky as well. Very cool all the same.

  • Skateboard Pram is downright dangerous, I wouldn’t let anyone put my kid in one.

  • I understand the saftey issue of the potty seat. but a wooden tie? not sure if that could be called genius.

  • I can seem to understand what the one with the kid in the toilet-car seat is.

  • 1. oh shit i turned it upside down.
    2. darling? couldn’t we have gotten real bicycles, that like, go uphill too?
    3. cool, but non existent.
    4. finally, a genuinely good idea.
    5. Oh the choice between a larger suit to get more power, or a smaller suit, to reveal more. Or you could get a normal solar panel, and charge your music player at home.
    6. convincing your cat to poo inside that thing is going to be a challenge. This is like the toilet torture chair lower down but for cats.
    7. oh ffs someone else carry on.
    im tired of hating

  • The chick in the bed has quite some hairy arms in the first picture.

  • Weighing machine? That would be “a scale”. Desk for cutting vegetables? …a cutting board. It’s like a first year student learning English.

  • rubberbabybuggiebumpers

    that makes sense…that kid looks f*cking retarded

  • My Church History Professor had the wood tie. It’s so interesting!

  • I like the color water sink thingie. I need that!

  • The shredding calendar is almost as depressing as the Spastic toilet. Speaking of which, why are its legs strapped in?

  • The toilet device is for kids with CP or other physical problems that make it very hard for the kid and the parents…this is…well near genius!!

  • A lot of these items are pure silly/stupid/a-waste-of-time-and-money and nothing anywhere close to genius. Most of these were invented by some dope sitting around with too much time on his hands. E.g.: the watermelon spicket thing? Have you ever sliced a watermelon open? Does juice just pour out ready for you to drink? No? Then it won’t work with that thing either. You’d have to first compress the inside of the melon in order to get juice out of it. The soda bottle cap isn’t as clever as it seems once you think ahead and realize that after you loosen it with your thumb, you still need your other hand to lift the cap off. So it didn’t really save you any time or effort as the picture initially implies. Cookie dipping cups? So I would go out and buy cups just so I could dip cookies in them? I can already do that with the cups I own. Mine are just bigger (that’s what she said) so they already work. Who wants little sissy cups anyway? What do you do with them the rest of the time you aren’t dipping cookies in them that you wouldn’t do with cups you already own. Dumb idea. The banana hammock is just hipster, college-kid humor stupid. It would be a conversation starter for only one kind of conversation – so not suitable for most conversations. Having it in the house would get old quickly. Waste of resources on that invention.
    This list is far from anything approaching genius and some of them are not simple at all. the OP for the very inaccurate title.

    The mattress and beach chairs are pretty decent though. Those two look like they might actually have a practical use.

  • To reiterate what everyone’s said, the toilet seat thing is for children with severe physical disabilities. I think it’s brilliant, as for the leg-strapping-in which someone asked about, well, a lot of children with physical disabilities also have their legs strapped down in their wheelchairs (I do a lot of volunteering with them) because they have limited muscle control and their limbs often spasm of flail around without their control, and it will keep their legs in place to give proper posture to help support their spine as well.

  • Some of the inventions are cute, but that toilet seat is simply stupid…

  • superb and breliant ideas

  • I love how the gummy bear is just an art photo, not an invention at all.

    What would happen if you dropped that marble down the sink?

    The e-mail alert light is just stupid. If I want a light, I want to use it to light stuff, which is probably what it’s actually used for since it’s so stinkin’ huge.

    What use are the finger measuring tools for anything bigger than your hand?

    I’ve seen the cookie cup before, I actually think it’s great. I would use it for hot chocolate. I hate breaking big cookies.

  • none of these are genius or borderline. they are retarded just like the toilet seat.

  • @ Moose: The girl does not have hairy arms fyi, the two switched places, you can tell because the girl is wearing the shirt…
    @ Idia: The sink does not have a marble, its just the knob used to turn the circle for temperature…

  • yes the kid is retarded but did everyone miss the cup over his balls like wtf?!?!?!

  • @Gigi small kids have small dicks right?
    and when they are peeing the dick goes up… so the ones who can need to hold it.
    Kids with CP can’t so this is from far and genius invention.
    All the coments about this chair were made from people who lives in a perfect world with grey people.
    Wake up guys.

  • I like some of these ideas but I am bug by the fact that there are no credit to who posted these first? Who invented these?… no back story on these. I get that your site is call “dumpaday” but still. To me it just ends up being just that: stolen images from other sites.

  • The beach chair is stupid. Look at how her arm is…the bar of the chair comes right across her upper arm, so she would have an uneven tan on her arm!

  • What is the point of the yellow mattress thing?

  • What exactly is a… cum desk?

  • love these! don’t think that solar powered bathing suit can get wet though…

  • i am pretty sure the “weight machine cum desk” is actually a cutting board with a built in scale.

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