Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (Part 13)

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  • that weight spoon is just a gift for drug dealers isn’t it?

  • Ingenious! It solves most painful problems of the 1st world.

  • I don’t like the idea of working under a car that’s being held up by a balloon…

  • fajas colombianas

    These inventions are truly genius! they should market these.

  • The squeezy icers are just another form of the Hermatite gasket sealant that I bought several years ago. The inflatable jack has been around for several decades being used by the British Fire Brigades for lifting lorries. They are probably safer than the trditional metal jacks that can collapse.

  • The metal drink holder that sticks into the ground is not new. My parents had those back in the late 1950’s. Theirs only held one drink though.

  • If you can’t measure ingredients you don’t belong in the kitchen.

  • The designs in images 2,3,4 and the last image (the in-wall cable coiler and the cable winding hooks on the power point) are problematic.

    It’s actually very dangerous to coil mains-voltage cables like that, because of back EMF caused by electrical and magnetic interactions in the coils increasing impedance and heat buildup.

    In layman’s terms, you may have noticed a coiled cable to a running appliance gets pretty hot after a while. In some cases, this can start a fire, and especially in the in-wall design, that’s the potential for a HIDDEN fire to start inside the wall space – the worst kind of fire.

    You should keep this in mind when using extension leads, especially if the appliance has a high power draw (such as power tools, arc welders etc). ALWAYS KEEP THE EXTENSION CABLE UNCOILED WHEN IN USE.

  • The baby bed that clips onto the mother’s bed is simply a fantastic idea. Allows baby to be with you in bed, but out of the danger of being smothered. Especially useful when baby is super young and needing fed every few hours or is ill and you need to keep an eye on it easily.

  • Why are the Lays chips shaped like that?

  • I want all of them now.

  • I too would be concerned about the in-wall plug extension. Just to re-iterate Mystikan’s point, always make sure extension cables are FULLY unwound before use. Take this from an electrical engineer.

    Some of the other designs are excellent, however.

  • Some of them are neat but at least one (the bent teaspoon) is virtually useless. You can lean the spoon against the rim of the glass anyway, and unless you have the proper height of all your glasses, you’ll end up breaking glasses with one of those spoons.

  • The baby bed exists. Many companies make those. Google “co-sleeper.”

  • Regarding pic #8: How is that different than oven racks? Am I missing something?

  • do these things really exist? i want them..

  • The first one, the new and “improved piping bag” is ridiculous, one it looks like it could hold very little of any product, two the control of pressure and continuous flow from it would be hard to maintain. Those are the two aspects that make the use of a piping bag worth it. Other wise just get a spatula and slather it.

  • They do not claim these ideas are new – only “Borderline Genius”. Yes – most, if not all, of these exist.

  • Not “borderline” genius. Just pure 100% genius!!! I love these ideas!!!!

  • A lot of these things are dangerous such as the electrical inventions, the baby carriage, and the oven rack.
    If they are not dangerous then they have one typically not necessary use such as the corn scraper, both scales, the cantelope cutter, the spoon holder, the unbrella, the cupcake hole maker ,and the cookie tray. Do we as americans really need to consume more crap?
    Also as a baker I know that the icing tubes would be difficult to control and you would have a mess instead of a beautifully decorated treat.
    As for the over the chair arm table, that could easily be knocked down.

  • Love some of those! Really like the popsicle cookies!

  • You don’t have to be such a debbie downer Kristin.

  • some of these are stupid. The crib- bed attachment is open and would allow the baby to get out if you aren’t a light sleeper. It could also potentially fall under so much weight.

    many of these exist as well or are impractical. I wouldn’t trust a round balloon to hold up a car. Round things aren’t good that way. :| the spoon is useless, except for how it wouldn’t fall in the cup. If the holding part was shorter it’d be a bit better. i don’t own anything that would hold the thing with the tea cup and the fruit plate. Maybe a sideways mattress? why would i have one of those around?

    i enjoy the crib- chair and the seeing umbrella.

  • Why does the one with the cantaloupe say “Weight Machine cum desk…” ? This confuses me… lol

  • My rocking baby crib in the 1960’s is in my basement now.

  • getsuga – if you’re child is old enough to move on its own and still sleeping with you you deserve to have it get out. it is clearly for newborns just coming home. making feedings quick and easy for the mom.

    Viv – they are baked lays

    I think a lot of these are really cool. some of them seem silly..and some are really unecessary…i thing on the pot to hold the spoon? do we really need that?

  • I want to purchase all of these products.

  • Did that say weight machine “CUM” desk?

  • I was wondering how long it would take someone to comment about that, Kenneth. I thought the comments would be filled with comments about that hehe.

  • The one with the extendable electrical plug is a good concept, however, having an electrical wire coiled up like that creates resistance. That will basically turn the outlet into a transformer, which will heat up inside the wall possibly causing a fire. Not genius at all if you burn down your house!

  • Oh, Kristin, you will never be an inventor!!!

  • @Kristin- I have owned those icing decorators bottles for several years now. They are from ‘Pampered Chef’ and I LOVE them! They’re the easiest icing tools I’ve ever worked with. Not difficult to control at all and virtually mess-free. They come with several diff. tip designs, extra couplers and a durable long-handled bottle brush that cleans the bottles and all of the small pieces perfectly. They still sell them. I will NEVER use a plain old icing bag again. Talk about hard to control and messy…blech. I also have the rocker/cradle. My father is a carpenter/cabinetmaker/anything to do with wood expert and he made me one when I was preg. with my firstborn, who is now 13. Besides her, it has been used on countless baby cousins, a nephew and my youngest daughter who will turn 2 in a few days. It has had more than its share of paint jobs, detailing, diff. colored seat cushions and crib pads, but STILL in excellent condition and none of us have ever had any problems with it. It’s about as dangerous as a q-tip. The baby only stays in it a few short months…until it can roll over or sit up. My fave way to use it was out on the deck in nice weather so I could keep an eye on the baby and watch the older kids play out in the yard. I run my own daycare and have used it on all the babies. Their parents think my father is a genius for coming up with that design and over the years, I have been offered some pretty hefty dollar signs from various people but I will never part with it.

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