Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius Part 5

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  • the cup holder clip is retarded, i mean just put it on the f’n table for cryin out loud

  • @childmolester… i mean milestar… what if it was an work office environment and the desk was full of paper work and folders… would it be “retarded” then? *anything sells*

  • I believe it should be what if it was A work office environment but that’s just my two cents.
    On another not yeah the cup holder is just plain idiotic… no where near the genius line.

  • Pretty much the only thing the cup holder has going for it is that it helps keep drinks from falling over and spilling.

  • Above commenters: Talk about the one stupid idea, ignore everything else amazing.

    Love the hangers and the portable heater. Those would be sooo useful in my life haha!

  • Who puts fricken biscuits in soup

  • Fishies in tomato soup are total comfort food in my house.


  • Best idea: the bathtube with built-in storage. Does this actually exist?

  • I LOVE the bathtub idea…my hubby could totally build that…

  • @the ninja, I believe it should be on another note*, but that’s just my two cents.

  • The bathtub idea is horrible since you will never be able to clean/dry the soap/water you will inevitably spill so it goes into the storage section, thus causing mold growth and becomes a health hazard.

  • Some are clever, some of them are just creative/look nice. None are really genius.

  • I can’t wait for that collapsible bike to collapse on itself while i’m riding it. And they can at least make it look fancy.

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