Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius Part 8

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  • That last one is REMARKABLE!!! Fed up of waking up with a dead arm ;[

  • Finally! Now life in the 1st world can be even easier!

  • Awesome i love new inventions
    my son would love those corn peelers

  • Truly brilliant. Do any of these products have patents? I would buy half of them now! Particularly the first one and the robot weed-puller – love to see how that works.

  • Where can I get that faucet thing??? I cannot read the brand.

  • love sleeping on my arm…

  • I would love to purchase some of these, are they only theory or are they in production???

  • Those corn collection contraptions are genius.

  • Nice ideas, however, that ironing board/mirror looks seriously unstable

  • Anyone find out where to get the faucet attachment? I looked, but can’t find it either. What a genius idea!

  • It’s called a Tapi by Dreamfarm

    that’s the water fountain link everyone.

  • These are all genius, but even more proof how lazy our society and generation have become. What a waste of natural resources

  • Some of these are bordeline (no, wait, crossin the border to infinity and beyond) STUPID ass. How lazy can you be, man.

  • That faucet/fountain thing has been around since the early nineties. I had one when I was a kid! They sold looney tunes themed ones.

  • The bottle opener is pretty cool. Does anyone know where to get one or something similar?

  • The pen and the log maker were amazing. The inventors should go register on Fuseloop ( to network with like-minded innovators.

  • Some cool ideas, but the washcloth “hooks” look like they’d develop a serious mold and mildew problem – poor design for real-world cleaning concerns.

  • Must buy now! Love them all!

  • Lazy? How do most of these make people lazy? Most of these are practical solutions for simple problems. A spiral ink pipe in a pen? Clipping a spoon on the side of a cup (I hate it when the spoon is too small for the cup of tea I’m trying to stir)? A screw-on Book-end? Those don’t make people lazy, they help cut down frustration.

    The only one I could see a true argument for is the robot weed puller…but even that looks like it was made mainly for farmers, who are probably the least lazy people in the world.

  • How can I find these things…..I need a couple right away.

  • I need that hairbrush! that is the best idea ever!

  • Check out They have the faucet attachment and a whole lot of other neat gizmos that would fit right in with the stuff shown.

  • thetechincaltermishermit

    I’m sorry, but only a few were unique or showed any genius at all. Most have been around, or have minor to serious flaws.
    Power Strip: better be on a GFI, and even then, that’d get to be annoying after a while. Corn Peelers: I enjoy eating corn *on the cob* – if I didn’t, I’d just buy it in cans. There are plenty of different extension cord wrappers that are much prettier & easier to use. I sure as hell wouldn’t want that *in* my house, and wouldn’t have much use for it in the garage. Also, cover plates are usually plastic & can’t handle that much weight for long (they usually break near the one little screw holding them in). Towel Holder: looks cool for about 5 seconds. Then it looks like a defect. And it has sharp edges, which is exactly want you want to be grabbing as you get out of the shower. Strawberry Cutter: done a million times already. Tea Bag Cup: I suppose it’d work, but only if you don’t mind choking the water circulation enough to make it take twice as long. Smores: Aren’t you supposed to flame the marshmallow first, so you don’t end up with molten chocolate dripping all over the place? BTW, if you aren’t doing it over a flame, you’re missing out. Comb: how are you supposed to be able to get it back on? Do you really have to push each little bristle through? And does lady’s hair really peal off that easily? Last time I tried, I could barely get it out with a pair of scissors, so I don’t see how a piece of plastic is going to just whip it off. Bush Grill: Do you really want to lift a heavy, dirty, potted plant off your grill when you want to cook? Ironing Mirror: Yes, that does look unstable as all hell. And you know, there is a reason why (*cough* physics) standard ironing board legs open up *along* the board, not *across* it . And last time I had a hot iron near glass, things did not work out all that well.
    Bit of a rant, I know, but these “borderline genius” posts are all basically a couple good ideas mixed in a pile of crap, like the old Harriet Carter brochures (ask your parents).

    TL;DR version- 2 or 3 good ideas at most, rest is stupid

  • I like the cherry pitter and the easy-cleaning hair brush.

  • Like the guy above said, some of these would be awesome to have, and most just seem like good ideas at first glance.

    The pop-up outlet, along with the first corn collector (@thetechincaltermishermit, a lot of people prefer to grill corn, then could slice it off of the cob with a collector. it’d be pretty tough to grill canned corn.)
    and the extension cord holder would prove to be a pain in the butt eventually, and quite possibly hazardous.

    The ink thing is great, while the towel holder would most certainly just collect dust/mold and injure somebody.

    I love the IDEA of the paper brick maker, but do you have to shred the paper first so that it will become that dense?

    You see where I’m going.

    And to the people who said most of these are lazy inventions, you’re stupid. There is a difference between LAZY and CONVENIENCE, and you should learn it.

  • I’m 44 now and we had a hairbrush like that back when I was about 8

  • Blue Moon Pottery in Noblesville makes tea cups with tea bag pockets and has for years. They are great. I’d love a cherry pitter and a strawberry slicer. Great ideas.

  • I actually have one of the tap/faucet things, they’re pretty good; you just have to watch out for mould on the plastic, then you have trouble.

  • wow…. i should have thought of that!

  • The paper brick/log maker would be perfect if you had a fireplace.

  • The fact of the matter is that there have been no totally original inventions since 1998 and everyone of these “brilliant” concepts has already been thought of in one way shape or from

  • Spring Cleaning

    Am I missing something or is the pen idea really dumb? Why not just make the ink container thicker? The spiral already increases the width anyway.

  • I never had a pen run out of ink. They usually break or stop writing before the ink runs out.

  • i think ilike the foucet/drinking gizmo. i’ve always had a problem getting water out of a foucet without getting my hair all wet!

  • I have had pens run out of ink and it drives me crazy. I think pen using is not as popular because of laptops and such in school but I still just need to use a pen and paper to think and write. The idea is fantastic!

  • Definitely agreeing with “Spring CLeaning” on this one. That spiral pen is a waste; you could make the pen twice the thickness and have an even larger volume. Though I’m not sure where “Jari” is going with the “I’ve never had a pen run out of ink… they usually just stop writing.” Uhm. Yeah, pens stop writing when they’re.. out of ink.

  • I really don’t understand the very first one. It’s supposed to be a power stip that pulls up from underneath the counter? Am I just stupid or is this a play on a way better invention that takes up less space called a WALL OUTLET.

  • I like the towel one!

  • I noticed a couple of things.
    1)For all those who got so exited they forgot to read…it says “Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius”
    Not “Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius…that you have never seen before)
    2) The beauty of the counter plug is all about esthetic’s. Most power strips have GFE on them and for that I would make double sure it did.
    3) if my mom would make a Cherry pie I would buy her the pitter!
    4)the hair rush thing looks cool. scissors don’t work well that is how come the invention is brilliant.

    * I loose my pens before I run out of ink.

  • This is the purpose of genius inventions: They simplify daily activities and take one less item off of your list of things to do. “How lazy can you get?” Why do you need a bed? Sleep on the floor. Why do you need a stove or fridge? Go cook all of your freshly-caught & killed food over a fire that you built. People can get pretty lazy, but laziness is not the drive for products such as these. These are built as a matter of convenience.

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