Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 2

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 3

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 4

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 5

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  • those are brilliant!

  • These are great! Hilarious. Wonderful. Make me smile.

  • Hey Jon ! Yeah you. How about some links to where the products could be purchased.

  • @ripi If you find the links where these things can be bought let me know. Haha. The pics for this post were ones I found just dinking around the internet and I thought they were cool.

  • The only one I know if is the baby food bowl thing, and it can be found at

  • @Felivi, Thanks!! Man I should’ve known that. I love Think Geek. In fact I just bought a watch with an 8gig hidden usb flash drive. For no other reason that it’s bad ass! Here’s the link to that if anyone cares.

  • Ok Jon I forgive you….this time. I am just the type of person who hates undocumented and unsourced things….they get passed on and passed on and passed on ad infinitum. Then I have to do searching to find who,when,what,where.

  • @ripi, I do appreciate your forgiveness. However i believe I should apologize in advance. Because of the popularity of this “So Simple It’s Borderline Genius” post, I Googled “Simple inventions” and came up with a new list of simply amazing products that will be posted tomorrow. October 11. Again, no sources other than Google Images. However, in my defense all of the pictures that I have found were all on random picture sites like mine, minus the awesomeness. =)

  • this is really amazing – it makes my day. I love that finger book holder.

  • Most of these just solve problems that don’t exist. I actually owned the first one, the book hold-opener. Try using it for more than two minutes at a stretch without the muscles in your hand, wrist, and fingers burning and then tell me what a cool idea it is. Do you really want to only hold the book with one hand, from the bottom, for the next hour? Besides, is it really such a hassle to hold a book open with your bare hands?

  • Some are really good ideas, but I don’t think all of them really are. The book thumb thing is great. I read a lot and always find it so hard to keep a book open with one hand, which sucks because you can lie in a lot more comfortable positions if you can keep it open with one hand. The wine glass necklace is kind of stupid. I’ve never had an issue with holding a wine glass and I feel like might splash when it bumps against my chest while walking. I also like the couch bunk beds thing. Two buddies call the couch? Not a problem. You can each have your own separate bed.

  • lol great
    But they made the shoe lights on Married With Children many many years ago.

  • Where can i get those gloves!!!?!?!

  • For those who want the “Thumb Thing Book Holder” :

  • The last one is particularly genius.

  • OMG!!!!!!! Those things are friggin’ awesome

  • I was think at first what a great idea the accordion bed was, but then I start to think how hard it is going to be to stretch it out by yourself. There would have to be some kind of trick or something. I don’t think someones arms would reach out far enough to completely extend the bed out. :^?

  • where the hell did u find the bed/couch one?? i want it!

  • If you know, please tell me where I can get those gloves

  • the big/little mittens are adorable!

  • 1. Will hurt finger.
    2. Come on.
    3. Battery from light gets wet, little kids may think it’s an alien, electrical components possibly hurt her feet
    4. If they have to slide the pizza off they would most likely be shaking the knife vertically in order to put it on child’s plate, could be a dangerous situation for a child’s hand.
    5. If this could hold up a women then it has to be something solid, no way it closes that slow.
    6. People would not want to sit in that position for a long time, too uncomfortable
    9. Bugs could hide in there. not attractive.
    Child could hit themselves in the face.
    10. Looks awful what even is that.
    11. You look weird eating with your hands.
    12 That does not look sturdy at all.
    13. Can’t be comfortable to sit in.
    14.That’s pointless how lazy are we
    15. Too heavy to hold, baby would drop it, zip-lock baggies are much easier.

  • You can use to look up some of them.

  • What a shame not having the links to where to buy them. what is the point of showing these genius things if I can’t buy them?

    Thanks Kim for the thumb book-reader!

  • @Curri, 90% of the things can by bought from Just go there, type in their search bar what you are looking for and odds are you’ll find it there. If not, the rare items, just go to google and type in what it is and where you can buy it. =)

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