• Ronald Reagan was wrong. The government’s first duty is to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizens. That’s according to the Constitution of the United States I believe.

  • Whatev, Cowboy. Reagan said the government’s first duty is to protect the people. You say it is to protect the rights and freedoms of the people. I say he was paraphrasing and making a point, and you are splitting hairs because it is more important for you to “prove” that Reagan is wrong. Get over yourself. Don’t forget the second part of his statement: It is not government’s job to run our lives. Is he wrong about that, or are you a socialist?

  • well never the less, that makes Reagan a hypocrite, because I believe he was one of the main people to start the war on drugs. How is that not running our lives?

  • “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Why does America have the TSA, again?

  • Nixon created the ‘War on Drugs’ it was Nancy Reagan that created the ‘Just Say No’ campaign. Unsurprisingly, both have been monumental failures

  • Benjamin Frankin is mah buddy.

  • In the end, everything’s a gag…

  • Ronald Reagan was wrong? Jesus Christ – pick up a book – watch some documentaries. The illusion of freedom has been ringing since the days before the industrial revolution. Ol’ Ron Regan’s statement was a lot like any church going christian hippo-crate. Look to him for all the desegregation that lead to the huge bank losses of the late 2000’s and furthered by Bush .Jr “War on Terror” scheme to rob America blind. Ronald Regan was wrong? – Who was ever right?

  • You let politics get in the way of a good quotes page, shame.

  • the marley quote is fucking beautiful. just wow.

  • Ronald Reagan was a monumental failure as a president. Anything he said should seriously be taken with a grain of salt. Particularly when he says anything about what the government’s duties are. It may sound nice, but it’s not the sort of thing he put into practice.

  • Look Einstein, Im a big fan of your quotes but I have do disagree with that… I mean, what if we’re talking about love?

  • Damn straight. People are giving away everything to the Government, our forefathers would be disappointed in us today.

  • Even though I agree with Reagan’s quotes, I must say he is a huge hypocrite. “Government’s first duty is to protect the people” Let’s remember that the AIDS outbreak started during Reagan’s administration and for years Reagan and his people ignored the disease, saying it was nothing to be alarmed about, because the disease seemed to be happening mostly to gay men. Reagan’s administration denied funding for AIDS research, keeping scientists from being able to work to find a cure or treatment for years. It wasn’t until 1987, when thousands of people had died, that Reagan decided to finally declare an emergency. If he had been so interested in protecting the people, he and his administration would have declared the emergency earlier and funded research and maybe treatment would have been found sooner, saving thousands of lives. Also, by being silent about the disease, they helped in spreading it because people were ignorant about it and its causes. How many people would have been saved if Reagan had done something as soon as de epidemic broke out? No one will ever know.

  • i doubt any of u know what ur talking about, did u know these people personally? if not then your the hypocrite…quit hating and enjoy the quotes!

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