• Lollllzzzz its so funny images collection….But its so big irritation of passengers

  • democracy is coming to the USA

  • Ah, Land of the Free…

  • thumbs up, leonard!

  • I have often put things in my bra to hold them. Especially my cell phone, and my work pager. In this day of terrorism, one can never be sure. I’d rather all of us be thoroughly checked, than to get blown up, or flown into a building.
    With the guys and their saggy pants, things can be hidden there too.
    Thank the stupid idiots who blow up non combatants in their “holy war” for the inconvenience and emberassment of having to be aggressively searched when traveling.
    Still, I would rather be strip and cavity searched, than to lose my life to a terrorist.

  • note:
    some ppl think USA gov. allow that to happen to get some benfits , does “OIL” sound familiar????

  • Where is the sexual assualt? What am I missing, because last time I checked giving consent is not sexual assault. You might respond with “well they don’t give consent, or they ahve to inorder to fly.” Well exactly, don’t fly if you aren’t willing to get patted down a little. It’s a far cry from sexual assualt and you can go anywhere via ship or car if don’t feel like flying.

  • I want the heterosexual version where guys get to feel up women and women get to feel up guys. Whats with this homo shit?

  • God Bless America!

  • @Tracey
    That attitude is exactly what has allowed our rights to erode away over the last ten years. In the years since 9/11, not a single terrorist has been caught by the TSA. Not one. Every single threat you read about in the media made it past airport security.

  • I must agree with John Smith and Tracy. that is NOT sexual assault. sexual assault would be if they stripped then felt everybody up. patting them down for lethal weapons is not.

    I would also prefer being patted down multiple times to being killed by a terrorist.

    i do however feel that some things done in airports are a bit rediculous. as i was going through the airport on my way to Germany, my nailclippers were confiscated because “they could be used as a lethal weapons”. so could my heavy leather boots, but they don’t seem to care about that.

    but once again, that is all preferable to being killed by terrorists.

  • Baaaaaaa…..good sheep, nice sheep. Allow us to fondle you in the name of security, sheep…….baaaaaaaaa.

  • I happen to be law enforcement and the way that they are performing these pat downs are ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! They are being done properly buy using the back or side of the hand to check in bras or any other private area! After doing the job I do, you would want people to be thoroughly searched too!

  • You dumbasses. The reason these security methods were put in place was because of the underware bomber. The underware bomber went through 3 security checkpoints AND his dad called the fbi and told them that his son was going to do something like this but they still let him on the plane.

    What was happening at the exact same time? They were just about to vote on whether to renew the patriot act or to let it go since there hadn’t been a terrorist attack on the united state since 9/11. There was no need for all the increased security.

    Well after the underware bombers completely useless and failed attack, they renewed the patriot act AND increased the amount of security by adding TSA agents and these radiation machines.

    TSA agents are just one step closer to a police state. When you give up your rights for security you end up with neither.

  • Sure look like terrorists to me!

  • Even if the TSA were capturing terrorist, it does not negate the fact that what they are doing is illegal under the fourth amendment of the United States Constitution. I guess they are above the law. Would you sheep allow torture to “protect” American’s from terrorism, because there is an amendment for that too and for good reason. When does it end? When will we be a perfectly safe utopian society? The TSA is bull shit.

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