Funny Pictures Of The Day – 51 Pics

best part of having kids

boys are oscars


found out what a blow job is

I cut his begal in half

funny kid notes

keep calm I'm a doctor

growing old

how not to be a dick

how to dance

how to get a cute guy to ask you out

how to peel an orange

I see dead people

if you're cold then they're cold too

just imagine

europe these days

kenye at the grammy's

lazy mail man

meanwhile in boston

messed up


moving on then

selling sex swing



thatfeeling you get when

the batman jokes

the best poem ever

the black ink

the clown motel

the definition of drug store

there are two kinds of people

there is no need to repeat yourself

this picture is fake


turning off the lights

used to talk to myself

what are you doing here

when you check your bank account

when you finish your test

you enjoying your milk shake

you look like a garden nome

you should not insult me