Saturday Afternoon Funny Pictures – 69 Pics

a christmas noose

chest day

butt hole bread


having a bad day

firehouse instructions

first kiss

funny movies

how to brain wash women

how to make pumpkin pie

I want to play a game

if cars could talk

hunting season

how I feel

if I were superman

I'm on my way

intersteller movie

it's monday

it's weird

joking with your girlfriend

just a thought

kenye west

kim kardashian's panties

level expert


meanwhile in Buffalo


never argue with someone

not now beer

note to self


oh the irony

parents of the year

pay full price for products

picture of your dog

plug me in

roller coasters

self control

Sexy lady hair cuts


thanks mcdonalds

thanks obama

thanksful for the dead people

the bible says

the douchbag

the face I make

the flinstones were here

the horse I rode in on

this is advanced stupid

toilet seat warmer

trying to get good grades

wait a second

we all have that one sister

what if

when she's made at you

who wore it better

you magnificent bastard

you should brace yourself