Amazing Recycle Ideas! – 40 Pics

a recycle old watches

a broken flower pot

a strainer used as a flower pot recycled

3 ring binder used for coat rack

a wind chime made from recycled garbage

a raised garden made from wine bottles

a flower pot from old cans

a garden rake recycled

a pumpkin from canning jar lids recycled

a shelf made from recycled suit case

a tire used to grow flowers

art from old silverware

DIY Ideas- Serving spoon door handle

how to make a book shelf


recycled cans school supplies

recycled fire pits

reuse old picture frames fun crafts

reuse old rake for necklace hanger

reuse old suit case for a bathroom cabinet

reuse old suit cases for cat beds

turn an old dresser into a bench

use and old rake kitchen ideas

We need more people who think like this and start thinking outside traditional construction