Building A Valentine’s Day Bench For That Special Someone – 8 Pics

This isn’t the typical style of picture dump we usually post here on We’re going to be posting projects that we complete in the hopes that they will inspire others to build and create their own projects. Today I’m posting a few photos I took of a bench I made. Alright, lets get started.

This is the first photo that I took of the bench. I’m sorry about that. I had meant to take photos from start to finish, but then got so excited to build the bench that I forgot to take photos until I was about halfway done.

The size of the bench is 5 foot 6 inches in length.

Getting the hearts to look just right took some doing. I cut out a heart shape from a piece of cardboard and then sliced it into 2 inch strips. However, once you put the one inch spacing between the strips, the lines of the heart no longer line up correctly. However, with a little playing with the pieces and trimming, it was easy to fix. Then I simply used the cardboard pieces to draw onto the wood. Lastly, I cut out the pieces and sanded them smooth.

Next was simply cutting a top piece to match the shape of the hearts.

Then I applied wood filler on all the seems and screw holes.

After a good sanding, the bench was complete. The only thing left to do is to stain it. I hope everyone has a great upcoming Valentine’s day. One of the most precious gifts you can give someone is your time. We encourage you to take the time to make something for your special someone.