About Us

In 2009 I got started in the wonderful world of websites.   I started with a website called SmackInTheCrack.com.   It was just a simple funny picture website.   However, since I was new to the web world, it wasn’t long until smackinthecrack.com was costing more to run than it was worth and I gave it up.

It was only a month later when I got an itch to start another website.  So I thought I’d give the internet another try.   I decided to get some advice from my brother who owns several successful websites, most notably TodayiFoundOut.com.  He gave me a few simple tips to follow.   It was then I started this site,  DumpaDay.com.    We’ve come a long way from simply posting one picture dump a day.   These days, we have multiple picture dumps daily, (one might say we’re pretty regular)  We even managed to be selected as one of the Funniest Sites On The Interent by these fine folks – http://blog.feedspot.com/funny_blogs/

It’s been over 7 years since the start of Dumpaday.   Thank you so much for supporting our little website.  We are truly blessed to have the best fans on the internet.   Thanks to you guys submitting pictures, and sharing our posts on your social sites,  we’ll continue to show up everyday to post the latest and greatest pictures.

If you’re not already, but want to follow us on our social sites, it’s o.k.  We actually kinda like the stalker types.   We’ll make it easy for ya, here are our social sites.